Maximize fleet efficiency

Do more work, faster and more effectively, while using fewer resources

Lower costs while increasing productivity

FleetUp’s software automates the jobs that slow your business down. Manual processes are error-prone and eat up hours of employee time. Turn your data and analytics over to an all-in-one software platform that does them instantly and accurately.

FleetUp’s AI dashcams automatically surface the recordings your safety team needs to review. Its break-in alerts notify you the moment thieves strike. Its back office tools make payroll as easy as the click of a button. With FleetUp, your team will be faster, more informed, and better equipped to satisfy even the pickiest customers.

The benefits of fleet efficiency software

Desktop and mobile friendly

Access your account via any desktop or mobile device. No matter where you are, you can always see your fleet.

Instant information

See all asset and employee data at once to make fast and informed decisions. Never lose track of your operations.

Comprehensive features

Use powerful tools to monitor job sites, check engine health, review driver HOS status, improve employee safety, and much more.

No software installation

It only takes minutes to create your FleetUp account. After it’s set up, you can instantly login from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Automate fleet efficiency with data analysis

All of your assets are constantly generating data. This information reveals which employees are driving recklessly, which assets are sitting idle, which engines need repair, and more. Although it’s fundamental to charting a path to success, it’s impossible for managers to track an endless stream of second-by-second changes.

FleetUp solves the problem by automating both data collection and analysis. FleetUp’s software constantly monitors driver safety, searching for underutilized assets, identifying engine problems, and more. It then analyzes that information to suggest strategies that will make your operation more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

Make faster decisions on a real-time platform

Fleets are dispersed across huge distances, constantly moving, and always encountering on-the-road obstacles. It’s no wonder that fleet management is so difficult – no one can keep track of so many things at once.

The FleetUp platform is built to do what even the largest team can’t – collect and monitor massive amounts of fleet data. It provides a single screen that makes your entire operation visible. Use it to watch live dashcam video, check current engine data, review real-time HOS status, and get all the information you need to make fast and informed decisions.

10-second data updates

Personalize how often your equipment updates. Choose 10 seconds for on-the-move assets or 24 hours for stationary machines.

Advanced map interface

See every asset’s location. Access real-time data. Communicate with staff. Share information with partners. Do it all on your cloud fleet management software.

Maximized efficiency

FleetUp’s telematics platform monitors and interprets data, revealing strategies to cut waste and increase profits.

Tailor-made geofences

Create geofences around any location. Set unique equipment tracking parameters for each geofence, including asset speed, departure notifications, and more.

Permanent tracking records

Watch trip history videos to see where your assets went and when. This data will help you document equipment misuse, locate stolen assets, and more.

Virtual workspace

Whether you’re working from home or talking to a driver on the other side of the country, everyone shares the same online workspace.

Take a peek under the hood

Become a seer of all things happening with your fleet. Request a personalized quote of our fleet management software platform with a team member and we’ll show you how it works.

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