Fleet client relationship management, automated

Automate your customer support and make your fleet a customer favorite

60% of customers prefer automated self-service for simple support tasks

Automated customer support isn’t just easier for your business – it’s also what most customers prefer. FleetUp offers a number of automated support tools that will strengthen client relationships and turn first-time customers into long-term customers.

Live ETA allows FleetUp users to send accurate delivery information to customer email addresses. By clicking a link, customers will see the real-time status of their shipment. A second feature, trip share, is even more comprehensive. It allows FleetUp users to share a customizable set of real-time GPS, vehicle, adn driver data with clients and partners. Show clients exactly what you want them to see.

Live ETA is the client relationship management feature that separates you from the competition

Real-time accuracy

Live ETA is a real-time feature that gives your customers up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Satisfied customers

Customers give return business to delivery operations that transparently share ETA data.

Easy email send

On the FleetUp platform, sharing Live ETA with customers is simple, intuitive, and fast.

Share more than just an ETA

Unlike a traditional ETA, with FleetUp’s fleet trip sharing, managers and administrators can share in-depth information like:

  • Driver HOS status
  • Fuel level
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Where vehicles have traveled
  • When vehicles were in different areas along its trip
  • And other information, like vehicle speed, and more

Customized data sharing creates seamless journeys where everyone knows what’s happening and when.

Custom trip share: information at your fingertips

  • With our fleet trip sharing, it’s easy to provide relevant, secure information to your customers and partners.
  • Your managers and administrators decide what route and delivery information to share and when.
  • Customize your trip share information for each customer or partner.

Go the extra mile for customers

Set yourself apart from your competitors. Proactively alert them of upcoming deliveries with automated departure and arrival notifications, which can be sent to your own team members as well as to your clients via email or SMS.

Provide delivery ETAs for free or create a premium notification service for your best customers.

Learn how to optimize your field service team with FleetUp.

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