Total freight security with real-time alerts

Prevent theft and loss of valuable freight with comprehensive freight security software

Companies lose $30 billion every year to theft. Keep your freight safe with FleetUp freight security.

Full-loop anti-theft protection

Get comprehensive freight security by tracking the entire shipment process. Receive SMS and email alerts every time your shipments are removed from containers. This end-to-end visibility helps you react to freight theft the moment it occurs.

Guard your entire freight

With instantaneous break-in alerts, FleetUp is the only freight security solution that delivers SMS and email notifications the second a thief enters a container. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take charge right away.

Keep high-value shipments safe

Get rid of blind spots in your most critical operations with always up-to-date GPS location. Automatically detect and categorize when freight is late or lost for complete traceability.

Full-featured freight security software


Theft alerts during transit

Get instant notifications via SMS and/or email notifications the moment a thief attempts to remove freight from containers.

Lock doors remotely

Control access to your containers on the other side of the world with remote locking and unlocking capabilities.

Enhanced map interface

Access real-time asset data with the GPS location for all your freight, including shipments and containers.

Shipment registration, automated

With automatic departed and arrived shipment registration, you can get rid of manual documentation processes.

Lost & late shipment identification

Automated identification of late and lost shipments makes full shipment traceability a breeze.

Simple installation

FleetUp’s freight tracker is waterproof and DIY-friendly. No screws, tape, or attachments required.

The only cargo tracking solution that:

Can be quickly and securely installed by non-experts

Other trackers offer one of two bad choices. Some are simple and flimsy. Others are secure but require professional installation. Only FleetUp’s is simple to install securely.

Sends real-time text and email break-in alerts

While some trackers claim they track theft, they actually only monitor geofences. Unlike FleetUp’s tracker, they can’t catch people who try to break into containers.

Updates in real-time and lasts for over 3 months

The competition’s trackers either have long-lasting batteries or real-time updates. Settling for once-a-day updates or quickly depleted batteries means settling for at-risk cargo.


of freight is stolen annually in the US


of freight in North America is stolen off the vehicle


of stolen freight involves electronics, home goods, or building/industrial supplies


is the average cost of one freight theft (CargoNet)

Make data-informed decisions quickly with real-time updates

Use FleetUp’s comprehensive platform to centralize your entire operation. The advanced map interface shows the real-time GPS location of your high-value freight – so you can track your assets throughout the supply chain. Click on any single asset to view its current status and location.

Featuring a unified dashboard with customizable alerts, automated operational analysis, and additional management tools, FleetUp makes freight security and management simple. The centralized cloud platform gives each user access to the same data, so everyone stays informed and up-to-date.

Eliminate manual processes for better freight security

Manual processes inevitably have weak spots that open your organization up to being preyed on by thieves. When managed manually, operations tend to be error-prone and slow, making them more vulnerable to insider theft.

Our advanced freight security software helps your organization automate previously manual processes to better protect your high-value assets. With arrival categorization and shipment departure automated, manual note-taking is eliminated across the board. Automation also helps highlight problem points along your routes, while making it easy to identify lost and late shipments and find missing packages.

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