The future of tracking
just got simpler

See your fleet with live GPS technology



Keep track of your fleet’s real-time activity at all times from any desktop or mobile device. Expand your business with instant proof of service and delivery.

“We selected FleetUp due to multiple factors — world-class customer service and full stack engineering capabilities being chief among them. The real-time GPS, engine diagnostics, and maintenance are pivotal to our success as our fleet is large and comprised of many different types of vehicles. Ease-of-use was also very important to our staff and simplicity was key to accommodate all different types of users.” 

–  A Construction Company in California


With full visibility of your daily fleet operations, you can dispatch more efficiently and provide better service to your customers. Our solution was designed to not only reduce daily operation costs, but increase your profitability by leveraging the power of our exciting new technologies.

Save Fuel & Reduce Costs

No one likes wasting fuel.
FleetUp’s Fuel AI measures your driver’s fuel waste and teaches them
to drive more efficiently, saving you money at the pump.

“Once we started analyzing our fuel waste with FleetUp’s Fuel A.I. system on a regular basis, we were blown away by how useful it was for us and how much money we were able to save. 
– A Transportation Company in New Mexico

Improve Maintenance
& Safety Awareness

Our customizable solution allows you to monitor maintenance cycles and costs.
With advanced vehicle and driver alerts, you will be able to keep an eye on vehicle health and driver safety.



Extend your vehicle and asset lifecycles and use the data to assist with rightsizing your fleet.

“We implemented FleetUp to take advantage of their revolutionary Fleet Tracking Solution. Seeing the growth that other carriers in their network were experiencing by using FleetUp, we wanted to utilize the same solution that their partners were. We love the real-time GPS, engine diagnostics, and fuel consumption data.”

– A Logistics Company in California

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