Are you wasting money at the pump?



Did you know that gasoline prices traditionally rise in the summer?

Is this giving you Summer Depression?

I have a solution: FleetUp has found a way to help you dramatically reduce your fuel costs this summer.

We recently released our Fleet Management Fuel Waste Report that found that some FleetUp customers never knew how much they were wasting in fuel every month. That is, until they used our report.


How It Works

The FleetUp Fuel Waste Analysis Report measures exactly how much a company’s fleet is consuming and what’s causing the high fuel cost and waste. Fuel consumption by the gallon can also be measured over any time period, giving you a more holistic view of your fleet’s overall consumption.

Do you know what your top fuel wasters are? Find out now:

After using the Fuel Waste Analysis Report for two months, two of our customers saw some serious ROI. Read on for the Cliff-Notes version.


Customer Success Story #1

After just 3 months of using this feature from the FleetUp Fleet Management system, Customer #1 realized that 99.7% of their fuel waste was due to ‘vehicle idling.’ With our report they figured out that they were wasting over $4,000 a month because of their idling fleet.

After identifying the problem through FleeUp, their drivers were re-trained and now they’re saving $44,000 a year.

FleetUp coached their drivers and their admins about fuel waste. Because FleetUp values serving its customers, every day a FleetUp Customer Success Manager would inform the drivers and admins of which drivers were sitting idle. With FleetUp, they were able to reduce 1,125 gallons per month.

What would you do with $44,000 extra dollars for your business?


Customer Success Story #2

While Customer #2 knew that their #1 cause of fuel waste was ‘vehicle idling,’ with FleetUp they figured out that ‘driver speeding’ was their #2 cause.

They never knew this before using FleetUp’s Fleet Management solution. Armed with this knowledge, they coached their drivers on ways to reduce this practice and they are now saving over $30,000 every month.



FleetUp is like no other Fleet Management solution because it’s going beyond asset tracking and dashcams. Products like the Fuel Waste Report are giving customers tangible ROI on top of helping them stay compliant.

The FleetUp platform also integrates with other ELD devices, giving customers a more holistic view of their fleet.

If you want to save over $30,000 a month too, contact one of our Fuel Waste Experts.

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