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This whitepaper addresses the Perennial Challenges Facing Fleet Managers:

  • Fuel Waste: For many fleets, the cost of fuel can constitute up to 60 percent of their operating budget.
  • Poor driver habits: Too many drivers engage in poor habits like unnecessary idling and aggressive driving.
  • Poor maintenance practices: Maintenance personnel must be trained to remain vigilant about optimizing equipment like tires, air filters, etc.
  • Lack of available fuel-efficient vehicles: Operators have been slow to invest in different sized vehicles and hybrid/electric vehicles due to the cost.
  • Automatic rerouting is not available: Many fleet management systems don’t provide automated re-routing.
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Samuel Mayfield

“FleetUp is the future of Intelligent Fleet Management.”

Samuel Mayfield
FMCSA Consultant, DOT Inspector, and Retired Police Officer

FleetUp applies big data technologies to fleet management with a patented solution that enables companies to maximize profitability, improve driver safety, and comply with current and upcoming regulations more effectively.

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