Virginia-based Trucker Shut Down by FMCSA

Virginia-based Trucker Shut Down by FMCSA

In June, a Virginia-based truck driver was involved in two separate car accidents, in the span of 24 hours. The first involved the driver, Carlos A. Garcia, rear-ending a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority bus, causing many injuries to passengers. The second incident occurred when Garcia drifted into a paved median, hitting two individuals — one of them died and the other seriously injured.

ELD Shortage Imminent

ELD Shortage Imminent FleetUp

ELD providers recently discovered that a lot of truckers and small fleets were either ignoring the ELD mandate completely or were waiting it out. The chances of this tactic working are highly unlikely as the ELD mandate is here to stay. Costs for electronic logging devices (ELDs) have fallen and a supply crunch is imminent as the year ends.

Trucking Industry Decides to Invest $9.5 Billion for Safety Purpose

Trucking industry invests $9.5B for safety FleetUp

As per the recent report of American Trucking Associations (ATA), the industry decides to invest at least $9.5 billion per year. The total amount will be invested for safety purpose. Of the total investment, 36% spending is fixed for driver safety training which a big concern across the nation. The investment also includes technologies such as video event recorders, collision avoidance systems and Electronic logging devices.

Florida’s Extension for the ELD Mandate

Florida's ELD Mandate Extension

It’s finally happening. The ELD mandate, mentioned in the 2012 Congress bill ‘Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century’, will be implemented in December this year. However, Florida has been granted a one-year extension, meaning Florida’s drivers will have until December 2018 to comply with the mandate. The ELD mandate had sprouted some controversies previously, but its effectiveness and viability laid them to rest.

The 16 Most Effective Ways to Save Big on Fuel – Pt. 2

image showing 16 Most Effective Ways to Save on Fuel

Part 2

9. Maintain excellent maintenance on your vehicles. Using e-Maintenance, you can automate preventative maintenance and be alerted immediately when you have an issue (and before it becomes a big problem). Regular and preventative maintenance on wheel alignment and air filters for example, will make a measurable impact on fuel consumption every quarter.

The 16 Most Effective Ways to Save Big on Fuel – Pt. 1

image showing 16 Most Effective Ways to Save on Fuel

Part 1

Fuel prices and consumption are always an important topic for fleets. Your bottom line and probably your profit margins are dependent upon lowering fuel costs. Fleet managers, therefore think a lot about fuel, but advice abounds. What are the most time and cost effective methods for lowering fuel consumption? Read on for the most effective ideas large and small that will make a big impact on your fuel budget.

Big Ticket, BIG Impact Fuel Saving Measures
These ideas aren’t only for larger fleets, but if you are a small fleet, they may simply take longer to implement. Considering implementing into your 2017 – 2020 budgets.

6 Big Lies You’ve Been Told About ELD Compliance

6 lies your mother told you about elds

(well, maybe not your Mom)

Press and rumors tend to ignite a lot of feelings about ELDs and a lot of that takes off down the grapevine to have a life of its own. But, truth be known, there are a lot of misgivings about ELDs that need to be cleared up (and not taken to be gospel). So even if your Momma didn’t feed you a bunch of bull, you may have heard at least one of these untruths.

Why Are Hackers Attracted to Bluetooth?

why are hackers attracted to bluetooth

If we were to analyze thoroughly how Bluetooth has affected our lives, we will most likely find that it holds immense importance. For starters, our cell phones wirelessly connect to speakers, cars and other devices through Bluetooth. This is the reason why hackers are interested in this new trend where many electronic devices are becoming Bluetooth compatible.

Bluetooth Vulnerabilities – Is Car Hacking a Possibility?

bluetooth vulnerabilities

This might seem like something out of a James Bond movie but the fact remains that vehicular cyber-sabotage is possible and is happening around the world. The cars we drive today are quite different than the ones from a generation ago. From TV screens to automated voice GPS systems to Bluetooth connections to our handheld devices, it was only a matter of time before a hacker in a basement figured out how to hotwire a car without wires.

How Trucking Companies Can Streamline Fuel Cost

How trucking companies can streamline fuel cost

As you may know, the profit margins in the trucking industry are thin. Moreover, in times of economic downturn, the escalation and volatility of fuel cost only adds to the misery of trucking companies. Fuel cost is the second largest expenditure for these companies. As you may have guessed, reducing fuel consumption and maximizing fuel efficiency is one of the major objectives of all truck fleet operators. Although fuel costs are beyond the control of the industry, fleet managers can take several steps to streamline fuel costs: