Proactive and preventative safety management

Stop current and future driver events from happening.

|  New solar-powered asset tracking set to transform the future of logistics.

360-degree visibility – in seconds

Get notified when a break-in occurs. Know when a driver is speeding. Stay informed on engine health. FleetUp’s real-time fleet management software platform delivers the power of visibility, giving you:

True real-time updates

Only FleetUp gives you alerts within 10 seconds of an event occurring – helping you act faster.

Industry’s best security

The industry’s most advanced anti-theft features keep your vehicles and assets protected wherever they are.

Increased safety

Better tracking of your entire fleet allows you to address issues early and reduce driver-related accidents.

Cost reduction

Fleet automation helps you reduce fuel waste, vehicle maintenance, and insurance costs while optimizing productivity.

Our solutions get results

accurate ETAs
reduction in fuel use
or less hardwired installation
accurate GPS

Great reviews from great customers

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Superior asset protection

The industry’s most advanced asset security platform

Our SmartLock asset tracking system automatically recognizes and reports container break-ins in real time. No other asset tracker gives you this level of visibility and control.

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