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  • ELD Data Transfer Mandate Requirement Now Achievable with Fully FMCSA-Compliant FleetUp ELD Using Telematic Capabilities

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  • The Dec. 18 deadline is fast approaching. By now, you should have selected an ELD (electronic logging device) provider that is in the process of installing the ELDs in your trucks and vans. Last issue’s article (“ELD Compliance for Small Fleets” Sep/Oct ’17) dealt with navigating the different avenues that small fleets can take to comply with the ELD mandate. This article will provide information on the path after implementation, from driver buy-in and training to configuring your internal processes and analyzing inspection and compliance issues.

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  • “Shipwell is constantly pushing the technology envelope to make shipper, broker and carrier lives easier. With the December ELD mandate approaching, we researched over sixty ELD devices for integration, and were impressed by FleetUp’s robust ELD, fleet management platform, and API solution,” said Greg Price, CEO at Shipwell. “Not only is the FleetUp compliance solution one of the easiest to install, it is competitively priced. This partnership is an exciting next step in the digital future of fleet management, and we will continue offering the best compliance and management solutions to our customers.”

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  • FleetUp Wired ELD Approach Eliminates Bluetooth Security Risks While Complying with December 2017 Mandate and Integrating Full Suite of FleetUp Management Services. "Upon reviewing other companies' technologies, we believe FleetUp will best serve our ELD and FMS needs," said Steve Tungate, Toshiba America Business Solutions vice president and general manager, service, supply chain and innovation. "Toshiba is confident FleetUp will enable our logistics team to remain compliant with current and future fleet management mandates."

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  • Business Fleet Magazine published a second article featuring commentary from Samuel Mayfield. In “ELD Mandate: Is Your Head Still in the Sand?”, Mayfield reiterates the importance of credible ELD compliance.

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  • FleetUp Fuel Waste Analysis System Leverages On-Board Diagnostics Data to Reduce Operating Costs

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  • Business Fleet Magazine recently published their article, “ELD Compliance for Small Fleets”. As they wrote the piece, we introduced the editor to Samuel Mayfield, positioning him as industry thought leader. Samuel is quoted discussing the costs of ELD compliance, security issues with Bluetooth and the importance of valid, certified ELD solutions.

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  • For more than a century, the transportation industry has been regulated in one way or another. Once again, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations have changed in a major way, which will certainly impact the transportation industry in numerous ways. 2-page foreward by FMCSA-certified instructor, Samuel Mayfield.

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  • “Third-party devices connected to the vehicle, for example through the diagnostics port, could also introduce vulnerabilities by providing connectivity where it did not exist previously.” – The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation

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  • Companies collaborate to introduce IoT-enabled logging devices for use by service and distribution companies.

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Short-Haul Exemption: 100 or 150 Air-Mile Radius

short-haul exemption

What is the 100 Air-Mile or 150 Air-Mile radius referring to? If your operations meet the Short-Haul Exemption, your fleet is exempt from the ELD Mandate.

Myths of the ELD Mandate pt. 3

Join our webinar series as FMCSA-certified instructor Samuel Mayfield answers YOUR questions regarding the ELD mandate and regulations. Everyone wants to know, “Am I exempt from the ELD Mandate?”. Here is a set of commonly asked questions: “If the body of the truck is 2000 or newer, and the engine 1999, will it still be… Read more »

ELD Mandate: Update on Rental Vehicles – Exemption

eld mandate for rental vehicle

On October 10th, 2017, the FMCSA announced that rental trucks operating eight or fewer days would be exempt from the ELD mandate — however, operators must still use paper logs and comply with HOS rules. FMCSA is providing a partial waiver from the ELD mandate for short-term truck rentals.