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  • Bluetooth technology is everywhere—from the watches we wear to the cars we drive. But should transportation organizations and enterprises rely upon the same technology to log and transfer business-critical data? After all, Bluetooth is a popular choice for consumer devices but—as anyone who has tried to keep wireless earbuds connected to a mobile device knows—insecure technology cannot maintain the integrity of fleet data or driver safety. Moreover, the FBI has warned that car hacking is a reality, and the Argus Research Team found a way to hack into the Bosch Drivelog OBD-II dongle allowing them to stop the engine of a moving vehicle by connecting to the dongle via Bluetooth.

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  • Senior Executive Brings Years of Fleet Management Industry Experience to Sales & Business Development Department. FleetUp today announced the appointment of Ken McCann as vice president of sales and business development effective immediately.

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  • FleetUp, the premier provider of ELD/HOS compliance solutions for Intelligent Fleet Management, today announced that Geo Lab Drilling has selected FleetUp for FMCSA electronic logging device (ELD) compliance. Geo Lab Drilling, a provider of drilling, probing, and remediation services across the Southeastern United States, had been a customer of a large fleet management services provider, and contracted with them for ELD compliance.

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  • “We’re simply providing (drivers) the tools to help them complete their duties,” Steve Tungate from Toshiba says. "The mandate created a sense of urgency for Toshiba to review various fleet processes, Tungate says, and to look into the wider benefits of a telematics system. “We agreed if we’re going to go this route, we might as well get everything we want.”

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  • Marketing Executive to Lead Fleet Management Branding Campaign Under New Role. FleetUp today announced the promotion of Charles Orlando to vice president of marketing effective immediately. Orlando previously served as director of marketing and sales at FleetUp, where he oversaw all marketing, branding, demand generation and sales efforts for FleetUp, and was responsible for bringing in significant technology partners and customers including Aeris, Toshiba and Navistar.

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  • Change and Investment from HUMAX to Drive FleetUp Americas and Global Expansion. MILPITAS, Calif., Feb 27, 2018 — FleetUp, the premier provider of ELD/HOS compliance solutions for intelligent fleet management, today announced the completion of $20 million in funding led by HUMAX (KOSDAQ listed $1.5B Revenue). In a strategic effort to drive FleetUp’s aggressive business expansion, HUMAX placed its corporate chief strategy officer and president of HUMAX Americas & China, Albert Son, PhD, as FleetUp’s new chief executive officer.

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  • FleetUp Trace is a ruggedized tablet designed for fleet drivers required to display Records of Duty Status (RODS) upon request instead of printing out hard copies with the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. Tim provides thoughts on the product hardware, ease-of-use and various app features. - By Tim Spence

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  • FleetUp Customers Experience Optimized Supply Chain Transparency and Seamless Data Transfer Between Carriers and Shippers.

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  • Fleet Telematics Innovation Enhances Intelligent Fleet Management Troubleshooting Solution for Accurate Safety Readings and Repair Support. FleetUp, a premier provider of ELD/HOS compliance solutions for Intelligent Fleet Management, today announced a partnership with Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV) to create a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and preventative maintenance solution using FleetUp’s FMCSA-compliant electronic logging device (ELD) and fleet management service (FMS) technology.

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  • ELD Data Transfer Mandate Requirement Now Achievable with Fully FMCSA-Compliant FleetUp ELD Using Telematic Capabilities

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Upcoming Events

  • April 24th, 2018 10:00AM Pacific Time
    Live Demo: FleetUp ELD Compliance

    Join a FleetUp product expert in a live session, and learn about the features of FleetUp ELD Compliance. Experience how FleetUp can offer critical insights of your fleet activities, productivity and help you better manage your fleet—and ensure you adhere to the ELD Mandate.

    Session Overview:

    • ELD Hardware and Installation
    • FleetUp Web Platform and Key Features
      • GPS Tracking: 10-second GPS
      • Complete Vehicle Trip History: Review/replay any trip that your vehicle has taken
      • Compliance: Keep track of driver statuses, review history of log submissions, perform driver log edit suggestions, “Auditing Mode” coaches your drivers to ensure they remain in compliance, track log edits, IFTA state-by-state mileage reporting, HOS dashboard reports, review DVIRs submitted by drivers, and much more.
    • FleetUp HOS App
      • FleetUp’s exclusive feature VoiceOver HOS & Tutorial Mode for driver training
      • Day-to-day app usage
      • How drivers will edit logs, change their status, and complete I-RODS (Inspection Mode)
      • How drivers perform pre- & post-DVIR
    • FleetUp TRACE Ruggedized Tablet
      • Features and Functionality
      • CamVue: Integrated, event-triggered dash cam
      • CamScanner: Document scanning for complete digitalization


  • April 26th, 2018 10:00AM Pacific Time
    Live Demo: FleetUp Command Pro FMS

    Join FleetUp’s Customer Success Team for this interactive demo that showcases product expert in a live session, and learn about the benefits of Command Pro, FleetUp’s acclaimed Fleet Management System. Experience for yourself how FleetUp will change the way you manage your fleet and drivers with keen insights and deep understanding of your business.

    Session Overview:

      • FleetUp GPS/OBD Hardware (Track-and-trace)
      • Asset Tracking Hardware
      • FleetUp Web Platform (New Experience)
        • GPS Tracking: 10-second GPS
        • Complete Vehicle Trip History: Review/replay any trip that your vehicle has taken
        • e-Maintenance: Track engine odometer along with standard maintenance cycles and cost
        • Alerts
          • Driving Alerts: Track driver behavior to improve efficiency: speeding, high RPM, and/or idling
          • Vehicle Alerts: Track high engine temp, low battery voltage, and DTCs
        • Geofencing: Unlimited geofence creation allows management of location and provides real-time, interactive triggers based on position. Receive entering/exiting alerts, visit/transit time, and more.
        • Track Your Delivery: Assign unique tracking IDs and allow your customer to see delivery location and ETA in real-time
        • Fuel Reporting and Fuel Waste Management: Real-time fuel data collected directly from ECM and analyzed using FleetUp’s patented algorithms enables fuel waste management in ways previously unavailable
      • FleetUp App for Administrators and Managers.
        • The power of FleetUp on your tablet or mobile device. View GPS location of vehicles, manage vehicle alerts, and much more… right from the palm of your hand.



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eld rule

FleetUp and partner Toshiba featured in Business Fleet on path to becoming ELD compliant

FleetUp and customer Toshiba were featured in Business Fleet’s March/April issue in an article titled ELD Rule: Three Paths to Compliance.  The article follows the process Toshiba went through in choosing the right ELD provider, the installation and partnership with FleetUp.

ELD Compliant

ELD Compliant: How to Be Sure Your ELD is Really Compliant

As full enforcement of the ELD Mandate is around the corner, the FMCSA has found malfunctioning and non-compliant devices, which means registered, self-certified devices could be removed from the FMCSA-approved list if the issues aren’t resolved. How can you be sure your device is really compliant?

ELD waiver

FMCSA Announces ELD Waiver for Transporters of Agricultural Commodities and Offers Additional Transition Guidance

When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandated electronic logging devices (ELDs) be used in place of paper logbooks for Hours of Service (HOS) tracking, fleet managers were plagued with the task of researching the best ELDs to implement.