Maximize Your RoadFlex Fleet Cards with the FleetUp Platform!

Get the all-in-one platform for fleet & asset management solution

One central software platform that gives you real-time visibility into your vehicles, assets and equipment.

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FleetUp’s all-in-one fleet management platform: Counting up the benefits

From fleet and operation managers to drivers, every employee performs better with our fleet management platform.

Gain real-time visibility

  • Know exactly where your fleet is with 10-second update intervals
  • Prevent theft and unauthorized vehicle use with the remote shut-off feature
  • Review finished jobs with trip history reports

Fleet monitoring with asset tracking

  • Track vehicles, equipment, and staff
  • Supervise job sites with geofence alerts
  • Dispatch delivery with route optimization

Maintain asset and engine health

  • Create centralized maintenance schedules
  • Audit engines remotely with health alerts
  • Cut costs with patented fuel waste analysis

Supervise mobile staff

  • Dispatch jobs via the FleetUp Driver mobile app
  • Automate payroll with remote timecards
  • Prevent risky behavior with driver safety scorecards

Enhance customer support

  • Provide pinpoint delivery times with live ETA
  • Send partners GPS, HOS, asset data, and more
  • Share automated arrival notifications

Automate compliance

  • Add the industry’s best ELD to your fleet
  • Stay compliant with voice-assisted HOS
  • Simplify IFTA reporting with automation