Real-time route optimization software to guide your fleet

Create efficient routes and quicker delivery times with intelligent route optimization software.

Route optimization software that actually reduces drive time


Quick and easy route optimization

Find the most efficient routes for your fleet in seconds. Faster routes equal faster deliveries, helping grow your company’s profits.

Real-time tracking

Using FleetUp’s fleet management software, you can follow your drivers in real time and track their progress along every route.

Save routes for later use

Plan and save dynamic and recurring routes, so you never have to do the same work twice. FleetUp route optimization software is your new key to operations efficiency.

Save time, fuel, and toll costs

Fleet management has never been costlier than it is today, but you can counteract increased travel costs and optimize profits by using FleetUp’s all-in-one route optimization software. This innovative technology chooses the most cost-efficient roads to take based on your fleet’s specific needs, including:

  • Vehicle weight
  • Cargo type
  • Anticipated traffic
  • Road restrictions
  • Fuel costs
  • Toll roads

Cut down on the amount of time your drivers waste in traffic and save on fuel and tolls, plus minimize the time your back-office staff spends manually planning your fleet’s routes.

The FleetUp route optimization software difference

Slash transportation costs

Save money on fuel when you choose the best routes for your fleet based on either the quickest possible route or total distance traveled.

Increase work efficiency

Popular mapping solutions aren’t optimized for commercial users, but FleetUp’s route optimization software was created specifically for commercial companies.

Reduce drive time

FleetUp’s route optimization software lets you find the most efficient route in seconds and immediately share those assigned routes with drivers.

The benefits don’t stop there

Customize your routes

  • Upload your unique client lists and assign vehicles, drivers, and users.
  • Choose whether drivers navigate by time or distance.
  • Set routes in seconds using an interactive map editor.
  • Upload, download, or copy and paste routes you already know.

Optimize plans for your business

  • Find the best routes quickly and reduce average drive times by 35%.
  • Easily and efficiently plan routes with one stop or multiple stops.
  • Adjust routes during rush hours or when heavy traffic is expected.
  • Create single driver or multiple driver routes.
  • Disable routes as needed.

Increase your operational efficiency

  • Plan an entire fleet’s worth of routes in seconds.
  • Use the heavy-duty setting to avoid roads where commercial trucks aren’t allowed.
  • Stop wasting back-office hours manually planning routes.
  • Plan and set optimal delivery dates and increase delivery capacity.

Boost your profits

  • Find fuel-saving routes for your entire fleet that also reduce driver costs.
  • Create routes that minimize toll roads.
  • Set your optimal driving mode and any highway or toll restrictions.
  • Identify the best routes for any vehicle class.

Effortlessly coordinate with drivers using the FleetUp Mobile App

Managing your fleet has never been easier. With FleetUp’s comprehensive suite of fleet management products, you get real-time tracking, increased security, advanced driver coaching, and even the ability to communicate and assign routes in one convenient location.

The FleetUp Driver mobile app is an all-in-one product that simplifies and optimizes fleet management. Logging in is simple. Drivers can provide status reports, take notes, upload pictures, and even update their current status. Plus, the interface is incredibly user-friendly.

Take a peek under the hood

Become a seer of all things happening with your fleet. Request a personalized quote for our fleet management software platform with a team member and we’ll show you how it works.

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