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Actionable Data for Fleets of All Sizes

FleetUp’s Intelligent Vehicle Fleet Management System was built from the ground up to address the needs of today’s connected fleets in industries like oil & gas, services & delivery, long haul, and construction.

  • 10-second GPS tracking
  • Unlimited geofencing
  • Fuel consumption & waste analysis
  • Trip history
  • Hours of service / eLogs
  • Optimized dispatching
  • IFTA reporting
  • Predictive / eMaintenance
  • Interactive driver coaching

From small metro fleets to large carriers across a wide variety of industries, FleetUp’s acclaimed fleet management platform will change the way you do business. 

Experience the power of FleetUp for yourself.

Fleet Management, compliance, or both.

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Full Fleet
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FMCSA-certified OBD device w/ hidden installation.Included in monthly 
Included in monthly 
Included in monthly 
Included in monthly 
Fleet Management    
GPS Tracking10-second GPS Tracking10-second GPS Tracking10-second GPS Tracking10-second GPS Tracking
Complete Trip history
Driving Alerts
Vehicle Alerts
FleetUp FMS Companion App. for Fleet Managers (Android /iOS) -
Unlimited Geofencing--
Enterprise mode--
Fuel Consumption Reporting--
HOS-Optimized Dispatch--
HOS Online for Admin/Fleet Managers--
FleetUp HOS Companion App. for Drivers (Android /iOS)--
Voice Over HOS--
DVIR Online for Admin/Mechanics--
IFTA Fuel Tax Automation--
Add-on Features    
E-Maintenance---$5 each per month or $10/month for all advanced features
Track Your Delivery---
Fuel Waste Analysis---
Driver Chat---
Technical Supportemail & live chat support
8a-8p EST M-F phone support
email & live chat support
8a-8p EST M-F phone support
email & live chat support
8a-8p EST M-F phone support
24/7 email & live chat support
8a-8p EST M-F phone support
Onboarding and Training
*Pricing based on a three year contractAdd to CartAdd to CartAdd to CartAdd to Cart
GPS Tracking
Tracking fleet assets can lead to lower operating costs, increased revenue, a safer fleet, customer satisfaction and employee retention... and we do it within our acclaimed Fleet Management platform.

FleetUp's industry-leading 10-second GPS tracking enables real-time visibility of vehicles and drivers location, allowing managers and dispatchers to make better decisions. Daily schedules can be managed more efficiently—driving costs down and profits up. And routing and fuel waste analyzation ensure tight delivery schedules are met without breaking the bank for fuel costs.
Trip History
Looking for ways to improve fleet performance? Our fleet management system can provide you with a complete trip history for every vehicle in your fleet. See where your drivers and vehicles have been, the routes they have taken, and the time they have spent to complete specific jobs. Use this actionable data to optimize routes, save fuel, and complete more jobs per day.
FleetUp’s geofencing allows you to set virtual boundaries for a variety of purposes—all of which improve your business. Monitor route usage, prevent theft, get notified about locations, pickup and drops offs, understand driver behavior, and much more. No matter what type or size your fleet is, geofencing can help you keep your fleet on the street and minimize downtime.
Driving and Vehicle Alerts
Set driving and vehicle alerts to see the real time location of your vehicles, assets and drivers. Use this actionable data to improve driver performance, enhance fleet safety, reduce fuel costs, adjust delivery schedules, and grow your business.
Fuel Waste Analysis
FleetUp's patented solution provides real-time fuel use reporting by vehicle, date, route, and more. Review idle time, miles per gallon, harsh driving and power take off events across your entire fleet. Turn our data into your dollars by optimizing routes, coaching your drivers, and preventing theft.

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FleetUp is taking the lead in Intelligent Fleet Management. Read about where the market is headed, and how your organization can stay ahead of the curve.

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