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FleetUp Granted United States Patent for Fuel Waste Variable Identification and Analysis System

MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 25, 2017FleetUp, a provider of comprehensive Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) and Hours of Service (HOS) compliance solutions for Intelligent Fleet Management, today announced that it has been granted Patent US 9,513,151 B2 – a fuel waste variable identification and analysis system – by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This new system analyzes the real-time on-board diagnostics (OBD) data from a vehicle and can predict various fuel waste variables that can allow fleet managers and drivers to more efficiently operate their vehicles, ultimately reducing operating costs.

"With the December ELD mandate approaching, the market for ELD and cost-saving solutions for fleet managers grows aggressively," said Sam Lee, CEO of FleetUp. "FleetUp continues to innovate in this market and with this patented fuel waste analysis technology, positions us as a true player in the space."

Patent US 9,513,151 B2 is a fuel waste variable identification and analysis system that can analyze the real-time OBD information of a vehicle from a remote monitoring station unit. The system analyzes, quantifies, and/or predicts fuel waste variables for individual vehicles and their drivers. It then produces computer-generated pattern analysis reports identifying a driver's fuel wasting behaviors in context of the particular vehicle’s inherent, native, and average fuel consumption characteristics. This report can assist fleet owners and managers to adopt practices that yield higher operational fuel efficiencies. Other fuel waste variables that are analyzed include: speeding, idling, RPM, hard acceleration and hard braking.

"FleetUp’s fuel waste identifying technology positions the company well ahead of their competitors, and underscores FleetUp’s strength in innovation," said Samuel Mayfield, FMCSA consultant, DOT inspector, and retired state trooper. "With so many fleet management solutions available, it is important that companies consider options that will help them not only effectively and safely achieve DOT compliance, but also streamline operations, increase driver productivity and reduce operating costs."

FleetUp has submitted several additional fleet management-related patents to the USPTO, including inventions aimed at improving and monitoring systems that relate to real-time cargo conditions and privacy control. Submitted FleetUp patents include: US Patent 20160110935A1 – Fuel Savings Scoring System with Remote Real-Time Vehicle OBD Monitoring, US Patent 8,966,654 – Privacy Control- Adjustable Vehicle Monitoring System, US Patent 9,443,360 – OBD Protocol Interpreter and Conversion System, US Patent 9,564,065 – Fuel Savings Training Needs Prediction and Alert System and US Patent 2016/0148440 – Real-Time Cargo Condition Management Systems and Method.

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