Actionable data for
energy professionals

Fleet Management for the Oil, Gas + Mining Industry


Monitor and manage your fleet

Track your vehicles and assets in real-time

Enjoy complete, real-time visibility of your drivers, vehicles, trailers and other assets across even the roughest of terrains. Manage your fleet from the palm of your hand with our easy-to-use web and mobile device apps.

Step up your safety and compliance efforts

Use tools and data to train staff and drivers

Implement a geofencing strategy to manage driving time from A to B as well as time spent at a particular job location. Use the data collected as well as our Automated Coaching capability to train and educate staff and drivers on time management and route optimization. Set alerts to communicate and coach drivers about harsh braking, speeding, and excessive acceleration events. In the end, see your company enjoy a culture of safety and efficiency—while lowering fuel costs and insurance rates.

Mine data—as well as the land—for economic gain

Efficiency reduces costs, increases profits

Fleet management from FleetUp provides your organization with a wealth of actionable data…… allowing your team to do what it does  best, while empowering you to mine the data that benefits your company. Analyze route usage to optimize driving time and increase employee productivity. Use driver event reports and track your assets to lower insurance costs and reduce theft. FleetUp’s patented fuel waste analysis explores ways to reduce fuel spend by as much as 30%. Ensure you are reporting your off-road mileage to enjoy IFTA-related tax refunds or credits.