SaaS, Vehicle-based Technology,
and Logistics—Perfect Together

Fleet Management for the Logistics Industry


Improve efficiency to increase profitability

Use technology to provide fleet visibility

Track and trace your assets across the continent with real-time GPS. Use location awareness to improve productivity. Schedule more deliveries per day with route analysis and optimization. Create geofences and provide delivery updates to waiting clients. Make on-the-fly scheduling adjustments with real-time visibility of your vehicles and assets. In the end, become more profitable by running a highly efficient fleet.

Change driving behaviors

Educate staff on safe driving habits and reduce costs

Speeding, excessive acceleration, and harsh braking. These potentially dangerous events can be detected and recorded by the FleetUp Fleet Management System. Use this data to coach and re-train drivers to be safer and enjoy lower insurance rates and fuel costs. FleetUp’s patented Fuel Waste Analysis can help reduce fuel costs even further by tracking idle time, MPG, and other critical engine data.

Stay compliant with minimal effort

Use the FleetUp FMS to keep your fleet legal

With the quick pace that regulations are changing at these days, it can take a lot of effort for fleets to remain compliant. Fortunately, the FleetUp FMS can reduce the amount of work it takes to keep your fleet legal and avoid citations. By automating DVIR, IFTA and HOS reporting, FleetUp delivers you the ability to disentangle your fleet from a truckload of manual work—saving you money on administrative labor.

FleetUp Compliance