Build efficiency into
your Construction Fleet

Fleet Management for the Construction Industry


Think safety first

Be proactive. Use data to avoid accidents.

The construction industry is fraught with danger for your employees and the potential for damage to your assets. FleetUp’s fleet management system provides actionable data on your fleet by tracking and reviewing driving events such as speeding, excessive acceleration, and harsh braking. Create a culture of safety by using this data to train and coach your drivers in order to prevent accidents down the road. And as your safety rating improves, enjoy lower insurance premiums, less equipment downtime and greater productivity.

Maximize productivity

Get the most out of your resources

In the construction business, time is money and productivity has a direct impact on the bottom line. FleetUp Fleet Management Systems provide you with the monitoring and tracking capabilities needed to make your team more efficient, reduce vehicle/equipment downtime and protect your assets from theft, potential damage or misplacement.

Ensure continuous fleet visibility

Make better business decisions with data

Fleet management systems exist to provide you with data that can be used to help you make better business decisions. To accomplish this, they use signal-based technologies such as GPS and telematics. But when working on remote job sites, signals can be unreliable and even non-existent—rendering most fleet management systems useless. FleetUp’s system is designed with an on-board capture mode which continues to collect data even when signal is unavailable. Once the system moves back into signal range, the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and your complete data stream remains intact.