Extending beyond simple and reliable compliance, cellular-based ELDs and fleet management services can provide companies with real-time data for efficient and productive daily operations. Charles Orlando, vice president of marketing at FleetUp, recently published the Five Myths of Bluetooth ELDs in Vehicle Service Pros, where he detailed some of the reasons a cellular-based system is a safer, more reliable option for fleet managers.

From the oil, gas and mining industry to the logistics, construction, and services industries, fleet managers now have the technology and support they need to improve business performance with actionable and extensive data using a cellular-based fleet management system. Some benefits include:

GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking 

Businesses of all types can benefit from the ability to pinpoint the location of their vehicles, trailers and other assets. Benefits include optimized routing while on the road, updating customers of delivery times using real-time data, and protection from theft. Real-time visibility into vehicle location gives managers and dispatchers the resources needed to manage daily schedules more efficiently—ultimately driving costs down and profits up.


As a hidden installation, cellular-ELD devices leave the OBD-II port open for maintenance and real-time diagnostics. FleetUp’s e-maintenance feature offers automatic maintenance check cycles, with information including engine diagnostics, fuel consumption per trip, fuel waste management, engine coolant temperature monitoring, and battery level monitoring.

Fuel Reporting & Waste Analysis

FleetUp’s patented system analyzes the real-time data from a vehicle (speeding, idling, RPM, hard acceleration, and hard braking) and can predict various fuel waste variables. Fleet managers can then turn data into dollars by optimizing routes and coaching drivers on efficient practices.

Even in rugged environments where a cellular signal may not be available, the FleetUp Fleet Management System ensures collection of continuous data. When signal is lost, the FleetUp system stores incoming data internally. When signal is restored, the intelligent system will automatically upload and sync, so that reporting and analysis is accurate.

From improving driver safety to determining and implementing best practices, all while keeping costs at a low, managing a fleet is a challenging job. Luckily, fleet management tools are available to make managing a fleet a less-daunting task.

FleetUp’s fleet management suite offers many benefits— including 10-second GPS tracking, trip history replay, real-time driving and vehicle alerts, geofencing, fuel consumption reporting, electronic logging (ELD) and more— granting businesses the ability to access and take advantage of business-critical data associated with intelligent fleet management software.