Is someone trying to sell you a Bluetooth ELD? Stop. This is a red light, and a red flag. Read what the F.B.I. has to say.

“A wide range of vehicle components also have wireless capability: from keyless entry, ignition control, and tire pressure monitoring, to diagnostic, navigation [GPS], [wireless hot spots, Bluetooth] and entertainment systems. While manufacturers attempt to limit the interaction between vehicle systems, wireless communications, and diagnostic ports, these new connections to the vehicle architecture provide portals through which adversaries may be able to remotely attack the vehicle controls and systems.

Third-party devices connected to the vehicle, for example through the diagnostics port, could also introduce vulnerabilities by providing connectivity where it did not exist previously. 

—The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation

This FBI warning puts car hacking on a bigger radar screen, and Bluetooth is a known weak point of entry that hackers are attracted because of it’s vulnerabilities.

Bottom line: How long will it be before a young kid with a laptop pulls up to a truck as it's driving down the freeway and stops the vehicle dead… while the rest of his team drives up and hijacks the load?

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