High-value monitoring: How Bilbao Air Cargo used FleetUp to protect a delicate shipment

It was one of the most unusual shipments Bilbao Air Cargo had ever accepted.

Every single detail that could be difficult was difficult. The container’s size and type was irregular and the shippers couldn’t lose track of the shipment’s precise GPS coordinates for a single minute. The cargo itself was almost impossibly fragile – a living animal.

What made the shipment even more difficult was that many of the industry’s most sophisticated tracking providers couldn’t supply the comprehensive features it required.

Only one provider had all of the features Bilbao Air Cargo needed. Learn how FleetUp’s advanced tracker overcame every challenge:

Challenge 1: Irregular container

FleetUp’s lightweight tracker was firmly affixed to the irregular container.

In order to transport the animal, Bilbao Air Cargo’s customer had constructed a one-of-a-kind wooden container. FleetUp’s small, portable, and adaptable tracker was affixed to this box. It firmly connected to the shipment while adding almost no extra weight.

Challenge 2: Real-time tracking

The shippers couldn’t afford to lose track of this animal for a single minute. Most trackers can’t send rapid GPS location updates without quickly draining battery power and dying. FleetUp’s advanced device (5TA), however, was able to send updates every 10 seconds for 20 days – more than long enough to last through the journey from Chile to France.

Challenge 3: Precise GPS location

The shipment’s path through Charles de Gaulle Airport, via FleetUp’s advanced telematics platform.

With live cargo, an accident could turn into a life-or-death situation. In case of emergency, the shippers needed to be able to identify their shipment’s exact location. Their tracker had to report a location much more specific definite than “somewhere in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.”

The FleetUp 5TA tracker provided 3-meter accuracy. If an incident occurred, a response team would know the precise location of the shipment and would be able to reach it as quickly as possible.

Challenge 4: International monitoring

Because the shipment would take off from Chile and land in France, the shippers needed a tracker that could work as it moved over borders. FleetUp’s 5TA used a SIM card with international roaming, so it would continue tracking no matter what nation it flew into.

A successful trip

With FleetUp’s tracker attached, the shipment made it from Chile to its final destination in France without a hitch.

The shipment’s arrival is confirmed on FleetUp’s platform.

The shippers never lost visibility and kept a constant eye on their shipment’s location. After the trip was finished, they were able to review the trip using FleetUp’s automatically generated reports.

The trip duration report, downloaded from FleetUp’s platform.

The tapir container used in Bilbao Air Cargo and FleetUp’s second collaboration.

Because of the trip’s success, Bilbao Air Cargo quickly used FleetUp for another difficult job – a shipment of two tapirs from Chile to South Africa. In their own words, Bilbao Air Cargo was “super satisfied” with their second FleetUp experience and is looking forward to using FleetUp trackers in the future.

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