IoT Advancements Transform the Transportation Industry

IoT is revolutionizing the transportation industry, allowing fleet managers and businesses to have a better understanding of how real-time data benefits companies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the driving force behind many modern technological advancements. In turn, IoT can be credited as the enabler of various business benefits, such as increased productivity, profitability and streamlined operations. In the transportation industry – from fleet management to assembly processes to delivery – the right IoT solution will allow businesses to centralize operations, capture and share critical data, and provide real-time visibility into vehicle performance and location.

The integration of IoT-enabled logging devices allows fleet managers to implement intelligent business management systems that will advance operations and profitability. This grants businesses the ability to leverage IoT technology associated with ELD devices and enables fleet managers to comply with current and upcoming regulations more effectively, improve driver safety, enhance delivery performance, increase service radius and more.

Each day, multiple times a day, fleets generate important information including fuel consumption, distance driven, speed, vehicle diagnostics, and more. Without the real-time access IoT enables, issues with a particular vehicle or reporting discrepancies can easily go unnoticed. FleetUp technology leveraging IoT has enabled vehicles and management systems to stay connected in real-time. Through this transparent system, businesses can access and leverage this data to gain greater visibility into operations management.

IoT-enabled logging devices, combined with a comprehensive management suite, help solve a wide range of business-critical issues and address the needs of today’s fleets. Advanced features such as engine diagnostics, eMaintenance and fuel waste analysis allow transportation businesses to collect, analyze and act upon the data from their vehicles. With real-time GPS and driver behavior monitoring/modification capabilities, managers know where vehicles and drivers are, allowing them to identify potential problems and mitigate risks before they become larger issues.

Additional advancements and benefits include:

  • Simple Compliance for Drivers: Tracks hours of service (HOS) and stay compliant with FMCSA regulations.
  • Easy, Online Visibility for Fleet Managers, Always: Provides managers with access to HOS driver status, HOS logs for editing, violation reports and unidentified driving.
  • Driving & Vehicle Alerts: Interactive, real-time alerts and advisories related to engine idle time, travel speed, engine RPMs, map location, driving events, engine code, engine temperature and battery condition.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Detailed fuel consumption reporting provides a complete breakdown and analysis of fuel usage by vehicle, driver and more. Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are also available for admin and mechanics to quickly review, send and export with connected devices.

IoT is revolutionizing the transportation industry, allowing fleet managers and businesses to have a better understanding of how real-time data benefits companies— more specifically, how fleet managers and owners can attain a holistic view of their entire transportation ecosystem. Integrated telematics and IOT-enabled GPS and ELD applications provide companies with unprecedented insight into their operations, ultimately empowering them with actionable data to optimize the efforts of both vehicles and drivers, allow for maximum profit by reducing operating costs, prioritize security, data integrity and driver safety for the modern fleet.


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