Which Industries Will Benefit Most from an Intelligent Fleet Management Platform?

The benefits of big data in the fleet management industry can revolutionize the way companies do business, increasing productivity and efficiency. But how can IoT and big data apply to your specific industry? How do you know if an intelligent fleet management system is right for you?

FleetUp provides a variety of management subscription options to adapt to individual business needs. Here are some of the top industries that should consider intelligent fleet management software to streamline operations, and why:


Perhaps no industry has as much to gain in benefits from reliable remote applications as the construction industry. When it comes to fleet managements systems, there is a common belief that reliable data is impossible on remote job sites. Because most fleet management systems use signal-based technologies, such as GPS and telematics, to collect timely data about fleets, it is difficult for fleet managers and owner operators to truly have full fleet visibility.

FleetUp offers fleet management capabilities that continue to collect data even when signal is unavailable using an on-board capture mode. Once a fleet in operation returns into signal range, the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, providing complete and accurate access to data despite lack of service on the job site.


For fleets always on the move across highways and state lines, FleetUp’s fleet management technology offers managers the ability to easily locate and trace vehicles and/or assets with real-time GPS tracking. Tracking capabilities paired with geofencing helps logistic professionals keep customers updated and happy by providing detailed delivery updates and estimated shipment arrivals.

Fleet management software also provides companies with increased visibility into operations, as well as real-time location awareness to improve overall fleet scheduling with route analysis and optimization features. Plus, driver productivity can be optimized with route usage analytic tools to find the quickest and smartest route available.

Oil, Gas & Mining

Even in the roughest of terrains, fleet management is simplified with complete visibility and accessibility to fleet data with easy-to-use web and mobile device apps. Fleet managers can access drivers, vehicles, trailers and other assets across the continent with a click of a button. With insight into driving events such as speeding, excessive acceleration, and harsh braking, managers are better able to train and coach drivers to promote both efficiency and safety on the road. Improved training in safety practices also helps companies receive lower insurance premiums, as well as avoid equipment downtime. 


Service is another industry that will flourish with actionable data. Fleet managers can advise drivers on smarter route choices in real-time, as well as access relevant data including service call durations, fuel usage, power take off (PTO) events, and maintenance alerts for lower operating costs and decreased downtime. Service professionals will thus be able to staff business calls appropriately and complete more jobs with access to fleet data.

FleetUp’s fleet management system provides intelligent data for improved business operations across the board. For more information on fleet management, experience a free demo here

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