Geo Lab Drilling Switches to FleetUp ELDs for Reliable, Feature-Rich Technology

As the April 1st deadline has come and gone, companies are increasingly realizing that the ELD service providers they initially chose to get the job done are falling short in terms of federal compliance. A prime example of a company in this situation is Geo Lab Drilling. After a bad experience with a large fleet management service (FMS) provider, Geo Lab Drilling switched to FleetUp for FMCSA ELD compliance.

Geo Lab Drilling is a provider of drilling, probing, and remediation services across the Southeastern United States. They offer a range of services including environmental and geotechnical sampling of soil, vaper and groundwater using Direct-Push Technology (DPT) and Hollow-Stem Auger (HSA) systems.

Before contacting FleetUp, Geo Lab Drilling turned to a large FMS provider for ELD compliance. As the solution was rolled out to fleet vehicles, they quickly learned that that the vendor’s solution was not compliant with the FMCSA mandate, leaving them with compliance discrepancies. In addition to non-compliance, the former vendor had a customer support department that took days to respond to Geo Labs’ critical business and technology issues.

The ELD hard-enforcement deadline of April 1st was just a few days away when Geo Lab Drilling contacted FleetUp. In less than one week, we installed FleetUp ELDs in all fleet vehicles, resulting in reliable performance compliance, meeting the company’s urgent deadline.

Samuel Mayfield, FMCSA-certified inspector and DOT auditor, called Geo Lab Drilling’s experience an unfortunate common tale: “Many vendors either offer antiquated solutions that will not comply with the mandate, or sell the promise of a solution that may not manifest. The only way a carrier or broker can be sure their ELDs are legally compliant is to choose a solution that has been built from the ground up to comply—and FleetUp is the leader.”

In addition to being impressed with FleetUp’s innovative technology capabilities, Geo Lab Drilling stated the responsive and supportive team is what ultimately sold them on FleetUp over other providers.

“Having experienced FleetUp’s excellent customer service first-hand, it is clear why they are considered among the industry’s top ELD providers,” said Brian Strickland, president of Geo Lab Drilling. “At a critical time, FleetUp provided quick guidance and seamless ELD implementation, and with that positive experience we look forward to exploring ways to integrate fleet management capabilities beyond compliance.”

FleetUp continues to provide the industry with effective solutions for ELD compliance and extensive insight into fleet operations, as well as play a supporting role in ensuring fleet safety and boost productivity for fleet managers. FleetUp ELDs are designed to avoid the inherent security vulnerabilities associated with Bluetooth-based ELDs, unlike a Bluetooth ELD, which operates on radio frequency that can easily be interrupted.

FleetUp’s fleet management system offers many benefits— including 10-second GPS tracking, trip history replay, real-time driving and vehicle alerts, geofencing, fuel consumption reporting and more— making it ideal for businesses looking to increase productivity and profitability.

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