Samuel Mayfield Provides Insight into Post-ELD Fleet Management Procedures in Business Fleet

FleetUp’s FMCSA-certified instructor, retired state trooper and Department of Transportation (DOT) inspector, Samuel Mayfield, provided insight into what fleet managers can expect now that out-of-service criteria (OOS) associated with the ELD mandate is in full effect. His comments were featured in an article titled “ELD Compliance: What Now?” by Les Smart in Business Fleet Magazine.

The article explores common questions regarding fleet management changes and expectations in the industry following the mandate including administrative tasks, training tips, and inspection procedures.

Now that the ELD mandate is in full effect, fleet managers have the support they need to focus on improving business performance overall, from compliance to leveraging intelligent data for efficient and productive operations.

Administrative and the Back-Office Duties

Not only do ELDs ensure HOS compliance for all drivers, but implementing a digital system also helps fleet managers focus their resources in a timely and logical manner.

“Whereas it took a considerable amount of work to review paper log books on an ongoing basis, an automated ELD system will improve efficiency levels, simply because it will more directly highlight ANY issues in need of resolving for fleet organizations to more effectively manage those drivers,” Mayfield says in the article. “The manual paper system compelled many safety managers to concentrate on their problem drivers and let everyone else have a free pass because of time management.”

With real-time alerts for both driver activity, including non-compliance, idling, speeding, etc., as well as vehicle alerts for quick and easy maintenance, fleet managers can now access and control back-office fleet operations with a touch of a button. By unloading some of the administrative tasks fleet managers previously had to handle with an automated system, fleet managers can now focus on pairing the right drivers to the right job, making sure drivers are safe and efficient, and more easily make intelligent fleet management decisions.

Inspection Changes

In addition to providing administrative and back-office support to fleet managers, an electronic system based in the cloud makes drivers’ lives easier too.

Mayfield described new inspection requirements, including providing ELD data upon request while on the road. A detaining officer must be able to see and read ELD data in real-time, meaning a mount with an easily accessible screen.

FleetUp Trace is an industrial ruggedized tablet serving this exact inspection requirement. The complete mobile solution provides simple one-click access to real-time GPS navigation and HOS management applications for commercial drivers. Paired with FleetUp’s voice guidance system, drivers require virtually no training with the proactive voice assistance feature.

A comprehensive suite of fleet management technology enabling aggregated data insight not only helps driver remain compliant, it also helps fleet managers easily track and manage all their fleets.

In addition to contributing input in industry articles, FleetUp hosts an ongoing, interactive webinar series called “Ask Samuel Anything” where Samuel Mayfield answers live questions from the audience. Find out more information and register here/

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