Here’s How Big the Benefits of ELD Compliance Are

The cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is done by Transport Canada and the result brings 2:1 ratio of benefit over cost for ELDs. During the analysis, it is found that ELDs are an effective compliance tool to minimize drivers’ fatigue. Besides, the technology offsets the chance of a driver reporting incorrect data on a paper logbook.

Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is expecting to improve road safety while increasing the accuracy of tracked driving hours. This makes sure that allowable driving hours are not exceeded past permitted limits. CEO David Bradley also confirms the benefits of an ELD & dispels some of the myths about the devices. “Now that the federal government has made its path clear, we call on all provinces to get on board and extend the mandate to provincially-regulated vehicles as well,” the CEO said.

Some benefits that are identified in the CBA for an ELD mandate include

  • Time savings for drivers
  • Time savings for carrier clerical personnel & for roadside inspectors
  • Convenience for auditors
  • Alignment with the US mandate
  • Meeting public expectation for safer transportation.

On the flipside, some costs that are highlighted include

  • Acquisition & installation of ELD devices
  • Monitoring personnel for the technology
  • Training expenditures
  • Purchase of additional vehicles.

The exact date for compliance for a Canadian ELD mandate is yet to be revealed. However, Transport Canada is very much hopeful to align with the US mandate set to occur in December 2017. At the same time, it supports an additional two-year grandfathering for qualifying equipment. This gives carriers a comfortable time period until December 2019 for implementing the ELD mandate.


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